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Back on January 13th of 2022, DEATHCROWN's 1996 Dodge B3500 Ram Tour Van (AKA- "The Great White Buffalo", AKA- "Helga") spontaneously caught fire. Tommy was sitting in the van with studio clients listening to a mix he'd just finished for them when they saw smoke filling the windshield. Thankfully, everyone got clear of her before she went up, and no one was hurt. In the interim, DEATHCROWN has only been able to play a couple of shows. Life has been crazy after the pandemic, and band activities slowed down in 2022. But the dudes are finishing their new rehearsal space and a long-awaited full-length album, and they'll need a van to get out there and play shows for y'all. Having not toured since before Covid, DEATHCROWN doesn't have the funds for a purchase like this. So, we're asking for your help. These boys have put in almost 40,000 miles since 2016, trudging coast-to-coast to bring you the Death Metal, earning them the nickname "The Hardest Working Band in Death Metal".  Help them get back to those stages with new tunes to melt your faces off. Please and thank you. More significant donations will be creatively rewarded. More on that to come.

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