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"This is grim, grisly, hard-hitting death metal that boils with blood-lusting energy and is convincingly bestial, but it’s also highly infectious."

                 -No Clean Singing

"Chock full of melody, emotion, and horrific violence; Deathcrown crushes our pathetic souls under the sheer weight of their tormenting riffs, hallucinogenic melodies and razing rhythms."


DEATHCROWN dĕth-kroun [origin; appalachian] :

(noun). An elaborate, interlocking design that resembles a disc or a crown, found in the feather pillows of the seriously ill and/or recently deceased.

Known to most of the underground as "The Hardest Working Band In Death Metal", this outfit has made a name for itself on sheer willpower, work ethic, and personal sacrifice.  These dudes are NOT afraid of living in a van. Hell, they embrace it in a way that most bands haven't in almost 20 years.  But then, their founding members have done a ton of touring before they even formed Deathcrown.  Touring, recording, or filling in for bands like Darkest Hour, Arsis, Immortal Avenger, and several others. 


The band has been careful to release their music slowly, and support it on the road as much as possible, between release schedules.  Their debut EP "Living Hell" dropped in September 2016 via Lost Apparitions Records during their first tour.  They went on to play almost 200 more dates before recording and releasing "Comorbid Diagnosis", a Split with Florida/Sweden's Ribspreader, in September of 2018.  Once again, Deathcrown hit the road hard.  Two more tours, more than 60 shows, and many writing sessions later, the pandemic hit. 

2020 was a hard year for the whole planet, but the men of Deathcrown soldier on.  They took the necessary time off and precautionary steps, wore their masks, and got their vaccinations.  The band is currently putting the finishing touches on recording and mixing their first full-length album, "Summoning The Leviathan", with a release date coming soon via Redefining Darkness Records (US), and Raw Skullz Records (EUR).  The band has big plans for 2022, as they have all been chomping at the bit to hit the road again.  Keep an eye out here, and on all social media platforms for updates in the near future. 

-June 8th, 2021


Mikael Parks-  Vocals

Tommy Gunn-  Guitar

Anthony "Ski" Gadzalski-  Bass

John Kelly-  Guitar

Robley Ball-  Drums


Photography by Robert Escue

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